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Unmatched Expertise:

With more than 45 years of expertise in yarn/textile winding, we have utilized our extensive knowledge to revolutionize the field of water filtration. Our profound understanding and experience of yarn winding processes enables us to innovate replacement polypropylene string wound replacement water filters that establish benchmarks for ultimate efficacy, durability, and performance.

We are pleased to offer a selection of polypropylene string-wound depth filters that serve specifically to residential needs. Our product range includes Tier 1 filters, which are our advanced or proprietary filter cartridges with an extended lifespan of approximately 58,000 gallons, and Tier 2 filters, our high-quality, economically priced option, which have an extended lifespan (est 35,000 gallons) longer than generic alternatives. These durable filters are designed to provide homeowners with long-lasting solutions for maintaining safe drinking water. We use Accu-wind technology to promote optimum filtration within our products. 


Why Should You Consider AquaTex Solutions Water Filter Cartridges?

Unmatched Expertise, in Filtration Technology:

With many years of experience in yarn/textile winding, AquaTex Solutions brings expertise to the water filtration industry.

Our team of professionals utilizes this knowledge to design and manufacture top performing water filter cartridges. By choosing AquaTex Solutions you can have confidence in investing in products crafted with precision, backed by decades of filtration technology experience.

Exceptional Filtration Efficiency:

Our string-wound water filter cartridges outperform generic types, including pleated filters, when it comes to filtration efficiency.

The precision controlled winding pattern facilitates consistent particle retention effectively eliminating sediments, sand, dirt, rust, and a wide range of contaminants from your water source. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are providing your family with the safest drinking water.

Varied Options to Suit Needs:

We recognize that every household has the potential for water filtration requirements, that is why we offer a range of product options to provide all your filtration needs.

Our Tier 2 filter cartridges offer a high quality filtration solution while our Tier 1 advanced filters provide a longer lifespan of approximately 58,000 gallons. Whether you’re looking for affordability or a filter that lasts longer, our tiered options ensure you’ll find the perfect fit for your home.

Cost Effectiveness and Durability:

When you choose AquaTex Solutions water filter cartridges you're making a cost sustainable investment.

Our Tier 2 filters significantly reduce the need for replacements saving you time and money in the long term. Moreover, we prioritize sustainability to minimize waste and have an impact on the environment.

Certified Dependability:

We are dedicated to providing high-quality string-wound filter cartridges at AquaTex Solutions.

Our commitment is backed by certifications and compliance standards that ensure quality, consistency, and reliability. When you select AquaTex Solutions, rest assured that our products meet or exceed industry standards in terms of effectiveness and safety.

Customer Centric Approach;

Customer happiness and fulfillment is our priority. We place emphasis on providing customer support so that your experience with our products is seamless and enjoyable.

Thanks to your feedback, this helps us constantly improve our offerings to meet your changing needs.

Making a Global Impact;

When you choose AquaTex Solutions you become part of a movement towards healthy drinking water.

Your support allows us to explore alternative filtration processes that promote water quality for communities, families, pets, and individuals worldwide.

Product, Safety & Trust

Located in Coventry, Rhode Island, we are dedicated to serving homeowners in New England and neighboring regions. Our products have gained the trust and confidence of installers of full-house filtration systems, distributors, plumbing supply companies, residential customers, and professional plumbers. AquaTex Solutions understands the importance of enhancing water quality and improving lives.

Sustainability is at the forefront of AquaTex Solutions values. By creating filters with longer life-cycles, we actively contribute towards reducing waste and minimizing our global impact. Our commitment to eco-practices aligns perfectly with our overarching mission of building a healthy future for generations to come.

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How We Wind Our Proprietary Water Filter Cartridges:

Preparation is a vital process for optimum cartridge efficacy and durability. Our high-quality polypropylene string-wound products are produced on the most advanced yarn winding equipment available. Furthermore, our yarn winders are designed to manufacture water filters with maximum processing controls with constant environmental conditions. There are many special techniques involved to produce defect-free filter cartridges for maximum results, including spindle speeds, yarn-tension controls, pitch-angle, linear traverse controls, consistent yarn-layering, and precise yarn-spacing throughout the entire filter cartridge. We use Accu-wind technology to promote optimum filtration within our products. The firmness or density of the cartridge is critical for debris removal, permeability, durability, and pressure stability. Product consistency is imperative to make the absolute best Aqua-Tex Solution replacement filter cartridge on the planet!